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I've had chronic back pain for the past five years since getting a compression fracture while riding a jet ski. I have tried everything and nothing comes close to CRYODERM. This stuff Rocks!
John V, Miami

Cannot even imagine not having this product in my clinic! Thank you Lloyd!
Dr. Lisa. S

After applying CRYODERM I felt instant relief from my neck and back pain! Having tried lots of other products I now swear by CRYODERM as being the best product on the market!
Kevin. S

When clients come in for massage and are complaining about pain, I treat the painful area with CRYODERM first, and then begin the massage. By the time I get back to that area the pain is gone and I can work deeper and more effectively. I love this stuff!

I have a lot of elderly patients who have pain from diabetic neuropathy and CRYODERM Cold cools and soothes their feet almost instantaneously helping them to get quality sleep. It also works for neuromas, arthritis as well as bursitis. I highly recommend
Daryl L, D.P.M.

My patients love CRYODERM & CRYODERM HEAT! It is an essential part of my practice.
Dr. Mike

We use CRYODERM pre and post adjustment. It makes adjustments easier and more effective.
Henry L, D.C is an Authorized CryoDerm Reseller owned and operated by Integrated Health and Wellness Corp.